Collection of Bibliotheca classica Petropolitana consists of various bibliographical items in all fields of classics. The library possesses works of Ancient Greek and Latin authors, books on the history of classical literature and languages, mythology, art, philosophy, history of ancient Greece and Rome, epigraphy, papyrology (the former is more complete than the latter), dictionaries, and reference works of every kind. A collection of periodicals as well as a set of CDs on classics are also of use. The readers of the library are classical philologists, historians, scholars of philosophy, university students and pupils of the Gymnasium classicum Petropolotanum. The Bibliotheca classica Petropolitana is a reading room type of library.

The library welcomes donations (please, see our Desiderata maxima).

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  • Tuesday: 15–20
  • Thursday: 15–20 
  • Friday: 15–20