Hyperboreus was founded by the Bibliotheca classica Petropolitana in 1994 as the first academic journal in Russia since the 1917 revolution specializing in the field of classical studies. Scholars from the Classical Department of St. Petersburg State University, the St. Petersburg Institute of History (Russian Academy of Sciences) and St. Petersburg classical Gymnasium participated in the foundation of the journal. The editors value highly the support and advice of many Western European and American scholars during the foundation and subsequent activities of Hyperboreus.

The aims of Hyperboreus are to advance the study of classical antiquity in Russia and to encourage international cooperation in this field by publishing original articles and reviews of books in Russian, English, German, French, Italian, and Latin. The editors invite contributions in all areas of classical scholarship (language and literature, history, philosophy and sciences, papyrology, epigraphy, archaeology, arts) based primarily on the interpretation of classical sources.

Hyperboreus also aims at throwing light upon archaeological excavations of the classical sites on the Northern coast of the Black Sea region.

Hyperboreus is edited in two annual fascicles.

The annotations follow the bibliographical periodicals: Gnomon, L' Annee philologique.

Guidelines for contributors

The maximal length of a publication in one volume should not exceed 64,000 characters (with spaces). Publications exceeding this limit will be split into two and more parts and published in several volumes. Shorter publications are welcome.

Priority is given to publications with a clear argument based upon interpretation of primary sources as well as to publications that represent a novel contribution to the field.

Contributions are accepted in Russian, Latin, English, German, French, and Italian. Papers written in languages other than Russian are accompanied by a Russian summary, whereas papers written in Russian are accompanied by a summary in one of the languages indicated above.

Contributions should be sent as a hard copy or as a file in Word and PDF format attached to an e-mail.

Authors should send a copy of the final version of their paper in Word and PDF format per e-mail after acceptance has been communicated by the editors. English summary should be attached to the final version.

Please, note that the rules for bibliographical references depend on the language of the paper.

For papers in Russian, see the Russian version of this page.

Guidelines for publications in English

Notes should be supplied as footnotes.

Citations of Greek and Latin authors:

Cic. De nat. deor. 2. 7, 8 (i. е. book 2, §§ 7 and 8); 3. 2.

Thuc. 1. 2. 4, 6 (i.e. book 1, ch. 2, §§ 4 and 6); 5. 2–3 (i.e. the same book, ch. 5, §§ 2 and 3).

Reference to scholarly books and papers:


G. Finsler, Homer (Leipzig 31924) 5–9 (i. e. 3rd ed.).

K. Müllenhoff, Deutsche Altertumskunde III2 (Berlin 1896) 64 (i. e. 2nd ed. of the vol. 3).

Serial editions:

J. S. Traill, The Political Organization of Attica, Hesperia Suppl. 14 (Princeton, NJ 1975) 45, 47 n. 20.

Journal papers:

D. Schaps, “Piglets again”, JHS 116 (1996) 169–171.

Editions of ancient authors and collections of articles:

M. Aubineau (éd.), Grégoire de Nysse, Traité de la virginité, Sources chrétiennes 119 (Paris 1966) 79.

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Reference to publications of several authors:

H. Lloyd-Jones, N. G. Wilson (ed.), Sophoclis fabulae (Oxford 1990) xv.

Reference to pages and notes:

P. Cauer, Grundfragen der Homerkritik I (Leipzig 31921) 13–14 (or 13 f.), 52 n. 2, 371 n. 19. 21 (i. e. p. 371, notes 19 and 21); II (Leipzig 31923) 451 n. 11, 452–454.

Subsequent reference:

Cauer (n. 85) I, 95 n. 21.

Contributions and books for review should be sent to the address of the editorial board: Bibliotheca classica Petropolitana (Hyperboreus)
Address: Krasnogo Kursanta 6/9 (= Malyi pr. P.S. 9/6) 197198 St. Petersburg, Russia
Fax: (812) 235-4267
E-mail: hyperbicl (at)gmail.com

Applications for subscription and obtaining of back-volumes should be addressed to the distributor of Hyperboreus, Verlag C.H. Beck (Oscar Beck), Wilhelmstr. 9, D-80801, Munich, Germany, mailing address 400340, D-80703 Munich, Germany.

Proposals for exchanges of journals should be addressed to the editors.

Editorial board

Nina Almazova, Denis Keyer, Dmitry Panchenko, Alexander Verlinsky

Copy editor

Sofia Jegorova

Editorial committee

Michael von Albrecht, Patricia E. Easterling, Alexander K. Gavrilov, Carlo Lucarini