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D. Panchenko: The Sixth-Century Samian Foot of 26.25 cm and Evolution of the Greek Linear Measures (pp. 185–191)

N. Pavlichenko, O. Sokolova: Fragments of Lead Letters from Nymphaion (pp. 192–202)

E. M. Harris: The Nature of Self-Defense in Draco’s Homicide Law: The Restoration of IG I3 104, lines 33–35 (pp. 203–216)

S. Lambert: The Selective Inscribing of Laws and Decrees in Late Classical Athens (pp. 217–239)

M. J. Osborne: The Changing Face of Athenian Government (403/2–168/7) (pp. 240–262)

S. V. Tracy: Sophilos, Son of Aristotle, of Phyle (pp. 263–269)

A. K. Gavrilov: Ein Zweiter epigraphischer Beleg für den Skythen Saumakos (IosPE I2 353)? (pp. 270–281)

A. Chaniotis: Pankrates: a Senior Statesman from Aphrodisias (pp. 282–292)

D. Keyer: Arcus in Horace, Carm. 3. 26. 7 (pp. 293–307)

A. Demandt: Pilatus und das Blut der Galiläer (pp. 308–312)

K. J. Rigsby: A Dancer in Syria (pp. 313–321)

T. C. Brennan: The Discovery (and Rediscovery) of a Temple Dedication to Hercules by P. Aelius Hieron, Freedman of Hadrian (AE 1907, 125) (pp. 322–336)

K. Hallof: De titulo Veronensi metrico (pp. 337–339)

O. Budaragina: A Foundation Stone Inscription from the Petrischule in St. Petersburg (pp. 340–346)