Hyperboreus. Volumen XXVIII (2022). Fasciculus 2

E. Ermolaeva: Odysseus as a Target in the Odyssey and Aeschylus’ Fr. 179, 180 Radt (On the History of Greek Parody) (pp. 165–175)

S. Tufano: With or without a koinon. The Longue Durée of Two Regional Festivals. I. The Pamboiotia and the Basileia from their Beginnings to the Fourth Century BC. (pp. 176–195)

N. Lane: A Conjecture on Pindar, Pythian 2. 81–82 (pp. 196–202)

G. Liberman: Petits riens sophocléens: Antigone II (V. 162–169, 189–190, 203–204, 207–208, 241–242, 253–254, 289–290, 320–321, 370–375, 389–390, 392–393, 413–414, 444–445, 497–501) (pp. 203–227)

V. Zeltchenko: What is Wrong with Nicostratus? (Ar. Vesp. 82–83) (pp. 228–241)

G. L. Krivolapov: Dionysus or Heracles: Mark Antony’s Religious Policy in 41 BCE in the Light of Epistula Marci Antonii Ad Koinon Asiae (pp. 242–265)

H. Ullrich: Eine Konjektur zu Lukrez 3, 917 (pp. 266–275)

M. Shumilin: Unpublished Conjectures to the Appendix Vergiliana by F. Korsch, G. Saenger, and A. Sonny (pp. 276–288)

Hanan M. I. Ismail: The date of P. Alex. inv. 622, page 28. A papyrus from Herakleidoy Meris in the Arsinoite Nome (pp. 289–298)

G. Estrada San Juan: Pipa and Gallienus (pp. 299–320)