Hyperboreus. Volumen XXV (2019). Fasciculus 2

C. M. Lucarini: Zur Entstehung der griechischen Chorlyrik (pp. 215–243)

M. Pozdnev: Aias und Athen: Zur Geschichte einer Polemik (pp. 244–258)

D. Chistov, N. Pavlichenko: Lead Letter from the Excavations of Area ‘O-Western’ at the Berezan Settlement in 2017 (pp. 259–277)

B. Seidensticker: Sprecherbezeichnungen im Kyklops des Euripides (pp. 278–289)

D. Sedley: Etymology in Plato’s Sophist (pp. 290–301)

N. Almazova: Recognition Based on Paralogism (Aristot. Poet. 1455 a 12–16) (pp. 302–327)

E. Druzhinina: On the Curiosity of Philocrates (Ep. Arist. 1) (pp. 328–339)

D. Keyer: Inscription on a Roman Stylus from London (pp. 340–350)

M. F. Smith: A New Look at Diogenes of Oinoanda, Fr. 157 Smith (pp. 351–362)

E. Zheltova, A. Zheltov: “Motivated Signs”: Some Refl ections on Phonosemantics and Submorpheme Theory in the Context of Democritus’ and Epicurus’ Traditions (pp. 363–374)

E. Ermolaeva: Neo-Hellenic poetry in Russia: Antonios Palladoklis (1747–1801) and Georgios Baldani (about 1760–1789) (pp. 375–386)

T. Kostyleva: A Note to Vladimir Beneševič (1874–1938) Penned by Ulrich von Wilamowitz-Moellendorff (1848–1931) (pp. 387–393)