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N. Almazova: The Myth of Inventing the Many-Ηeaded Nome (pp. 5–28)

G. Liberman: Petits riens sophocléens : Antigone III (v. 513, 517–521, 527–530, 577–581, 594–602, 611–619, 666–667, 696–698, 703–704, 728–730) (pp. 29–49)

S. Tufano: With or without a koinon. The Longue Durée of Two Regional Festivals. II. The Pamboiotia and the Basileia from the Hellenistic to the Imperial Period. (pp. 50–77)

C. M. Lucarini: Per una nuova edizione critica delle Antiquitates rerum humanarum di Varrone. (pp. 78–108)

S. Larionova: Mathematical Education in Early Christian Authors. (pp. 109–123)

S. Golovatskaya: The “Jewish Sibyl” in Clement of Alexandria’s Protrepticus. (pp. 124–142)

S. Douglas Olson: Philological Notes on the Letter lambda in a New Greek-English Dictionary. I. λαβάργυρος – λάσθη. (pp. 143–166)