Hyperboreus. Volumen XXIII (2017). Fasciculus 1.

M. Pozdnev: Das Geschenk eines Rhapsoden: Über eine Weihinschrift aus Dodona (pp. 5–18)

T. Kostyleva: And What Were You Like in Hades? Eur. HF 1410–1417 (pp. 19–27)

E. Ermolaeva: On the “Undying Old Age” of Cleonicus (Matro fr. 7 O.–S.) (pp. 28–35)

C. M. Lucarini: Platone e gli Eleati (I) (pp. 36–64)

S. Egorova: Poeta Classicus: Was Horace in the Fleet during the Battle of Actium? (pp. 65–77)

A. Novikova: A Fox and a Weasel (Hor. Epist. 1. 7. 29–36) (pp. 78–91)

I. Hadot: Les attitudes diverses des néoplatoniciens au sujet de la théurgie (pp. 92–122)

D. Kondakova, N. Kuznetsova: AP IX, 484 (Palladas): Aiolos serviert Wind (pp. 123–130)

K. Buraselis: Zanes Speak: Olympic Fines in Hellenic Intellectual and Political Context (pp. 133–141)

A. Verlinsky: Draco’s Constitution in the Athenaion Politeia 4: Is It an Interpolation or an Author’s Later Addition? (pp. 142–173)